Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How close is Varsity Place to Marshall University’s campus?
A. All but one of our properties are within a short walking distance to campus! And those two properties are within a bike ride to the Marshall University campus.

Q. Does Varsity Place offer a lot of variety?
A. With 15 different properties, we offer so many choices that it is likely you will find lots of options to your liking. All of our locations are close to restaurants, downtown, bars, football, basketball, and campus. Varsity Place is one of the largest providers of student apartments in Huntington and offers the most choice and variety in the area. We are available anytime to discuss all of our options to find the best place for you.

Q. Where is the Varsity Office?
A. The Varsity Place office is in process of moving and a new address will be available soon. You may email us at

Q. Are Utilities included?
A. Apartments vary in what is – or is not – included. Please check the individual listings on this site to determine what is included for each apartment type.

Q. Are there Washers and Dryers located on the properties?
A. Our 3 and 4 bedroom units have washers and dryers in the unit. The other properties have laundry units in virtually every building. If there is not laundry in a building then there is a laundry facility within a very close proximity to your apartment.

Q. Are the apartments furnished?
A. None of the apartments include furniture; however, furniture rental can be arranged at the tenant’s request and expense.

Q. What if I need maintenance in my apartment?

A.  You can request maintenance by calling 304-697-5381, or email us at, and we will gladly assist you with your needs. If you have an emergency (a large water leak for example) call the after-hours on-call number at 866-599-7675.

Q. Is Parking included?
A. Parking is free; however, it is allocated on a first come first serve basis. Varsity Place offers off-street parking at some locations. All parking is within a close proximity to your apartment.

Q. Can I sublet my apartment?
A. Yes, for a small fee we can help you with this; however, if you choose to sublet your apartment, you continue to be financially responsible for the apartment and the party you are subletting to.

Q. How long is the lease?
A. The lease term is for 12 months with 12 monthly installments of rent starting from the beginning of your lease. There may be various circumstances that a lease term may be less than 12 months.

Q. How do I pay my rent?
A. Rent may be paid via check, money order, cashier’s check, credit card or an electronic debit system on a monthly basis. You may pay your rent in advance at your option.

Q. Can I have guests come to stay with me?
A. Yes, for a reasonable time but if your guest has a car or other vehicle they are required to park on the street. We only have enough parking spaces for our residents.

Q. Does Varsity Place accept Financial Aid?
A. If you are on any Financial Aid or Student Loan program and using it for housing please see our management team directly about arranging payments.

Q. Is Varsity Place co-ed?
A. Yes, you can choose whomever you want for roommates.

Q. Will there be a curfew?
A. There is no curfew, but we do ask that residents be respectful of roommates and surrounding neighbors and refrain from roughhousing or being loud in the hallways and common areas.

Q. What is the process to see an apartment if I am a Prospective Tenant?
A. Apartments are shown by appointment only. Please Call 304-697-5381, email 

Q. When can I fill out a housing application?
A. After you have seen an apartment you are interested in holding for the next school year or the current school year, you can fill out an Application which is available for download on this site. There is an application fee of $25, which may include a credit check and/or a reference check at our option.

Q. How do I reserve the apartment that I want?

A. In order to reserve your apartment, we require a completed Application form, a $25 application fee, and a deposit equal to one month’s rent from each roommate. The deposit will be held as your Security Deposit when you sign your lease.

Q. Where is the closest public transportation?
A. The Tristate Transit Authority (TTA) has stops that are very close to each of our properties. This gives students reliable access to all locations on and around campus. Otherwise, all of our properties are within easy walking distance to campus and town.

Q. Is Varsity Place affiliated with Marshall University?
A. No, Varsity Place properties are privately owned and not affiliated with the University. However, we are proud to be an active member of the Huntington community.

Q. What process do my parents need to take in order for me to reserve an apartment?
A. We ask that your parents fully complete the Guaranty of Lease, which requires their signature and notarization. The Guaranty of Lease form is available for download on this website.

Q. I like to live in a quieter atmosphere than a college campus; do you have any properties that are further off of campus?
A. We have various apartments that are located at many different locations around the Marshall University campus and the Huntington area. These units are in a more laid back environment and offer a large style of apartments.

Q. What apartment types does Varsity Place offer?
A. We have a large inventory of one, two and three bedroom and efficiency type apartments at various locations around the Marshall University campus and the Huntington area.

Q. When should I start looking for an apartment for the next year?
A. We recommend looking for apartments during the winter prior to the year you wish to live off-campus. In order to get the best choices, we highly recommend that you start looking early.